Digittrain Erasmus+ Training course 2018

01 September 2018

Total Innovation trains 60 students from Bulgaria in key ICT skills to help advance their career prospects.

Digittrain Erasmus+ Training course 2018 - Total Innovation EU

During the summer of 2018 Total Innovation EU hosted and trained 60 students from three vocational technical schools in Bulagria on a two-week practical training in Plymouth, South West England. The traineeship will take place in a real work environment in July 2018 at the digital agency "Total Innovation EU", specialized in developing integrated brand strategies, technological applications, websites for effective online presence.

Participants were students from 10-11th grade studying computer systems and information technologies at school. These are young people  needed to acquire new skills and competences in order to facilitate their professional development and enhance their employability.

During placements abroad participants broaden the spectrum of theoretical knowledge gained at school and apply what they have leant in class to the production realities in the target industry improving at the same time their professional competences through the acquisition of the following skills:

~Digital marketing and innovation in brand strategies

~Building a comprehensive strategy for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

~Creating social media accounts

~Working with analytical data on the website and creating an analytical report (Google Analytics)

~Installation of a WordPress content management system

~Testing of digital security and online identity

~Working with techniques of selling online and the payment gateways

~Developing a website audit

~Understanding and creating a user experience (UX Design).

As a result, the experience and skills gained will enhance the competitiveness of the participants and will meet the needs of qualified IT specialists in the target sector.

Certificates of Completion and references from Total Innovation EU Ltd. were issued to attest the acquired practical skills and knowledge in the ICT industry, as well as Europass Mobility document, which will significantly expand future career opportunities for participants.